Warrior Cane Project: Restoring Veterans Warrior Status

It is Veterans day.  A day when I think about those who lost their lives or, to some extent their mobility in the service of our country.

Recently we welcomed Cane Masters, Inc. to ResourceShark™.  There is a special project near and dear to the heart of Cane Masters founder, Mark Shuey, called Warrior Cane Project.  The Warrior Cane Project is a nonprofit organization and there is absolutely no charge incurred by any veteran who attends one of these seminars.

What is the Warrior Cane Project?

Mark Shuey, GM of Cane Masters and Thomas Forman, owner of Valhalla Security Consulting developed the Warrior Cane Project to promote the use of the cane to disabled military veterans as not only a mobility aid, but as an effective and efficient system of self-defense. 

The Warrior Cane project has evolved to Train our Military Veterans in Combat Canes to:

  • Assist those disabled veterans in physical rehabilitation.
  • Rebuild morale among disabled and able veterans
  • Allow a wounded Warrior to maintain partial or full active duty service
  • Empower Veterans to remain robust Warriors.
Image by Mario Aranda from Pixabay

Through generous donations to this non-profit organization, Mark and Tom have been able to travel across the country to offer a three hour cane workshop and a cane free of charge to all military veterans across the country.  The response has been overwhelming!  Attendance has been larger than expected, but more importantly, the mental and emotional change in the veteran pupils when the cane goes from a crutch, to a weapon or tool is inspiring to all involved. 

If this is something you wish you could offer to veterans in your area, please contact Cane Masters (800) 422-2263 or email info@canemasters.com for more information.  Please note, in order to keep the event, a $225 value which includes a free cane, free for the attendees, Cane Masters will ask the host to cover travel and lodging expenses for Mr. Shuey and/or Mr. Forman.