When is a Cane a Mobility Aid and When is it a Weapon?

When is a cane a walking cane for mobility and when is it a weapon?

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, a walking cane is approved for use on all forms of public transportation and in all public buildings, spaces and work places.  Under the HIPAA privacy rule of 2003, health issues are a protected privacy.  I am NOT a lawyer and not offering legal advice, but even the TSA allows canes on flights as a mobility aid on all forms of travel in the US and in most public places.

So, when is the cane a weapon, instead of a mobility aid?  When the person holding the cane is versed in Mark Shuey’s American Cane System of Martial arts, the cane may be used as a weapon of self-defense.  GM Mark Shuey Sr.’s “American Cane System” as well as his “Cane Fu”, “Cane Ja”, “Cane Chi”, “Silver Dragons” and his “YogaPlay” systems are being taught by instructors throughout the world. Many of these martial art systems begin with gentle exercises, some work up to stringent fitness training as they instruct on methods of self-defense, using what many choose to have at hand, a cane. 

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You’ll have a blast, and you can begin to enjoy the self-defense Cane Fu, Cane Ja or Cane Chi training from the safety and privacy of your own home.  When is a cane a weapon and when is it a mobility aid?  When ever you have both the cane in your hand and the training from Cane Masters Virtual Dojo.