Word of the Day: Frugality!

DebtReliefZone.com Word of the day is Frugality!

Frugality is a Great Word!

I recently came across an article on frugality and thought we don’t value its sexy quality enough.

That’s right, frugality can be sexy!  It makes life more vibrant because being frugal can make one think more about what one is doing -and it forces me to be more in the present. 

Last week, frugality helped us have a fun-with-nostalgia week.  Our challenge was to create meals or dishes that we remembered from our parents and grandparents from supplies on hand.  Sure, our recreations were simple things like potato pancakes and corn fritters.  But we had fun cooking together new memories.   The point is, frugality made us get creative and it was fun, even if the kitchen was covered in batter or potato shred after the dishes were complete.

Frugality also cleaned out my closet this past week.  After one chat with Thredup, I got my clean out kit in the mail on Friday.  All the clothes that were bought in the last few years, but didn’t fit or look great on me got pulled, checked over and packed up.  I can’t believe how great it felt to get that out of my way!  So I decided to keep going and cleaned out some old projects that I have abandoned. 

Frugality helped us stop running and just chill for a bit, and it was wonderful to reconnect.  There are lots of ways to find relief from debt.  We can help you find the right path to celebrate your own debt freedom.  See us at DebtReliefZone.com today.

And thanks, frugality!   So, do you do windows?