7 Ways to Bring Back Holiday Joy

It can be tough to get excited about Holidays when you are struggling to keep up with the debt you already have.  Maybe you need some activities to bring nostalgia and FUN back into the season. Here are some reminders and ideas to give you back your holiday joy this year.

  1. Just say no.  You may receive lots of invitations for parties and events.  You do NOT have to accept each one. Instead, figure out which are highest priority, then accept those and regretfully decline the others.
  2. Check out the Holiday lights. Ban electronic devices and take your family out for a drive in decorated neighborhoods to see free holiday lights.  
  3. Search online for free activities near you and install an “All go or No go” rule.  For example, if you live near snow, grab a few sleds from the discount store and check out a sledding hill nearby.  Everyone in the family must go or no one gets to go. Even the naysayers can enjoy the events.
  4. Make wreaths from “found objects” around the home or in your yard.  Make Garlands. 
  5. Have a gingerbread house contest.  Hint, you may need to bake the house sides and roof before having this one.  Click here for Gingerbread house templates.
  6. Create a Christmas scavenger hunt.  (uhm, please do not actually remove the items found from a neighbor’s decorations…maybe text an address and pictures to authenticate the find or limit the hunt to within your home.)  
  7. Hide the gifts and leave a trail of clues to help them find the treasures. Not sure where to start.  Check here for ideas.

Take a moment for tea, coffee or cocoa and remember that you don’t have to do it all, you just have to do what is best for you and your family.  If you need help achieving freedom from your debt, visit DebtReliefZones.com for professionals who can guide you through the debt resolution process.