Are Solar Conversion Prices Still Dropping?

People have asked how low solar conversion prices will go.  So who doesn’t want to get in at rock bottom prices?  In the last two decades the hard cost of converting to solar power has dropped an incredible eighty-five percent.  That price drop made solar panels feasible for a majority of home and business owners, saving thousands on electric bills.  With the sensitive site requirements of wind energy, solar energy is a great way for individuals to go green.  And now is still a great time to go solar. 

Are Solar Conversion Prices Still Dropping?
Are Solar Conversion Prices Still Dropping? Image Source: Erik Karits on Pexels

Beating Possible Solar Conversion Price Increases

Amidst supply chain disruptions, runaway inflation and the race to renewable energy, solar tariffs seem an unlikely threat.  Yet we face them today.  In fact, consumers now worry if they don’t convert to solar today, they will have to pay more to get the solar advantage.

FIghting Solar Tariffs

Recently, supply chain disruption, inflation and the risk of a solar tariff all threaten solar energy material prices.  While US companies raced to provide alternative solar material sources, a fight began brewing in the Capital.  SEIA reports a bi-partisan anti tariff alliance, 20 governors, 22 US senators and 85 Representatives dispatched letters of rebuke to the white house.  Elected officials are taking notice.  This is especially true since solar is integral to local economies in all fifty states. 

Now is the Time to Convert to Solar Energy

Yes, now is the time to convert to solar energy.  And if you believe in this clean energy resource, let your representative know it matters to you. Solar energy contributes to cleaner air and electricity savings for you and your business.  As soon as the system is installed on your site, you will begin to save money on your electric bills.  Call 888) 432-9024 or contact the team at Renewable Solar Resources to set up your solar audit.  Learn how to beat solar conversion prices increase for your project. 

Renewable Solar Resources in Plymouth Minnesota can show you how to keep solar conversion prices affordable.  You’ll be able to save on the conversion using the tax credit, the Xcel net metering  program and of course, the savings on your electric bills.  If you are in the Plymouth Minnesota area, Renewable Solar Resources is a great, reliable company to choose for your solar energy conversion experience.

Locally Owned and Run Solar Installation Company

Renewable Solar Resources is a family owned, local Minnesota company.  When you have questions, before, during or after the solar power system installation, you can call us.  If we miss your call, we will return it as soon as we are back in the office.   We have a team of experienced professionals who usually have your new system installed in a day.  Before the team drives away, your new system will be operational.  Solar energy normally is a low maintenance system, but sometimes you will have questions.  Renewable Solar Resources is around to answer those questions, now, next year and down the road.

Renewable Resources in Minnesota

If you’re In Minnesota, and interested in a transition to solar energy, it’s a great time to make the change.  Renewable Solar Resources has spent years working to support the transition to solar energy systems on residential and commercial properties.  Solar power is an effective, reliable clean energy source.  Solar panels, SolarEdge optimization and solar storage continue to expand efficiency, making solar an extremely affordable smart power choice.