Cane Chi for Rehabilitation

If you have a leg injury that you are trying to rehabilitate, while restricting contact during pandemic lockdown, think about a virtual workout option.  Mark Shuey, with the help of Dr. John Ruberto, Bruce Vinciguerra, and Timothy House, has combined exercise techniques into a Martial Arts discipline for the purpose of delivering to its followers, the strength, energy and confidence to regain some measure of mobility. 

It is difficult at the best of time to heal from an injury, but when just walking down the street is unsafe or problematic, how can you get the exercise you need to heal?  The Mark Shuey Cane Chi system uses a series of resistance bands, and canes specially designed for the exercises in this system.  A DVD allows you to play the video at any time in the relative safety of your own home, so you can continue the program and graduate to higher resistance and strength. 

Designed with strength building exercise in mind, the Cane Chi program is available in kits on  Check with your doctor first, but be sure to give the feedback when your therapy goes better than anyone expected. 

pic by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels