Do Rooftop Solar Panels Put Your Home at Risk?

A recent news article about home damage from a solar panel fire in Pennsylvania, ignited questions across the net.  To answer whether rooftop solar panels put your home at risk, we looked into the phenomenon.  We found the good news that properly installed solar panel rooftop systems are NOT a fire risk. 

Do rooftop solar panels put your home at risk
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The Big Three Issues and Resolution

Though electrical fires happen, they can also be prevented.  In fact, most issues come down to three issues requiring risk remediation.  Just as surprising, the resolution to these issues is pretty straightforward.  Before we reveal the simple fix, let’s first look at the risks. 

1. Wires on Sharp Edges. 

Another issue found too often, is wires installed along sharp edges.  Over time, the sharp edges score wires, eventually damaging the wire’s insulation as well as the wire.

2. Poor Terminations in Inverters and/or heavy Scoring on Wires

Another flaw found in solar installations is poor terminations.  The length of wire to the inverters varies, so installers have to make terminations in the field.  Field installations by untrained installers create risk in termination connections.

3. Improperly Made or Incompatible Connectors

Of the three causes of risk, “field made” connections ranks the highest. Usually PV panels are set up in a string.  In a string setup one panel is connected to the next panel and so on until the last panel connects to an inverter.  The distance from the end of the string to the inverter varies from one installation to another. The best way to minimize connector risk is to make connector type or brand identical to the system. When they cant be the same brand, connectors need to be labeled for interchangeable use.  If companies list their connector as X-connector compatible, the UL listing and documentation should support their claim.

Undertrained PV System Installers

Another risk found is incomplete training.  Undertrained new installers of rooftop solar panels put your home at risk due to inconsistent installation.  When companies contract out the installation to non-local third party companies, training is often incomplete and inconsistent.  Since solar installations are in high demand, the lack of available time for instructors has an installer safety impact.

Local Established Firms and Inspections Remediate Risk

Renewable Solar Resources has always taken consumer safety and wellbeing seriously.  RSR is a family-run local business with local employees, most of whom have been with the company for years.  Once they complete an installation, a supervisor inspects the site and starts the system before the crew leaves.  Homeowners get solar power AND peace of mind, even after the installation.  That’s because Renewable Solar Resources returns customer calls personally, making sure questions are answered, before, during and after an installation.

The Answer to Whether Rooftop Solar Panels Put Your Home at Risk

The Best answer to the questions of whether rooftop solar panels put your home at risk is “No.”  At least, not if your installer is Renewable Solar Resources.”  As a local company, RS even makes repairs on other PV systems.  Their focus is on a safe, clean energy future, and solar can be an incredibly reliable energy source. If you have a previously installed PV solar panel system, you can still get answers.  Call (888) 432-9024 for information on safety inspections.