Experience Makes the Difference at WrongfullyForeclosed.com

If you are facing foreclosure, you have two choices to make that can change the course of your homeownership.  You can choose to go it alone, or you can hire an attorney to renegotiate your note agreement on your behalf, since it is a contract between you and your lender ISAOA (meaning your lender, its successors and/or assigns).  That means your contract, or note can be assigned to others as the lender chooses.  Your mortgage may also be transferred or assigned, but must be handled correctly, or it may no longer remain active collateral for the debt agreement.  This leads many homeowners to use the ‘show me the note!’ as defense against a foreclosure action.  Some courts no longer recognize the “Show me the Note” foreclosure defense if it is the only defense used, but attorneys who work in your jurisdiction see what works today in foreclosure cases.  This is only one of the reasons an attorney experienced in your jurisdiction can protect your home better than some individuals are able to do.

Owners may be forced to sell to avoid foreclosure.

Wrongfully Foreclosed is dedicated to connecting you to an experienced attorney, licensed in your jurisdiction, whose area of practice is Residential Foreclosure.  We want you to have an attorney who understands the procedures in your jurisdiction; an attorney who can best represent your interests, protecting you from the lender’s foreclosure and eviction action.

Lenders learned from the foreclosure crisis.  Those Lenders know how to reduce their losses when a loan defaults, but you are still exposed.  If the equity in your home is valuable, and your lender is not willing to work with you, it is time to seek a professional who can work on your behalf to resolve your mortgage loan default.

The Making Home Affordable government program from 2009 is gone.  If you need help today, you must either rely on the lender’s offers or on someone who can negotiate for you.  We can introduce you to an attorney who negotiates either to save your home or compensate you for the wrongfully method of foreclosure used when you lost your home. 

If your mortgage loan is in default; if you don’t understand why you can’t get help from your mortgage company, talk to us.  We can walk you through your unique situation, so you can make an informed decision about where to go from here.