Game Changing Solar Advances

There are constant advances in solar panel technologies.  Which are the most likely to revolutionize energy production?

BIPV Solar technology

Building integrated photovoltaics or BIPV means blending solar panels seamlessly into the building in roofs, canopies, curtain walls, facades and skylight systems.  This approach can add aesthetic appeal to a building’s design and function.  But since aesthetic must be balanced against the cost factor, it is good news to learn that planning BIPV into your new building can actually cut costs of adding panels later, while it cuts electric bills if you’re occupying the space, or create demand if your leasing it.

BIPV an offer increased energy efficiency, extra thermal and sound insulation, little or no electrical costs since you’re using clean energy from the sun, lower operation and maintenance costs, and a zero carbon footprint.  The newest PV glasses used in building can still allow natural light into homes and offices while acting as an energy generating device simultaneously.  If you are considering building, check with for more information on how to build solar into your new home.


As silicon panel prices drop lower and lower, setting up photovoltaic panels in reservoirs and other bodies of water are more efficient than ever.  Huge collections of solar photovoltaic panels are mounted on floats creating the same effect as solar farm or power plant. This allows large electricity generation from renewable energy source while saving valuable land tracts for real estate or other development.  The floating panels reduce water evaporation and prevent that toxic algae growth, which can lower water treatment requirements and costs.  the water keeps the solar panels cleaner minimizing wasted energy due to cell obstruction.

Solar Skins

This is one of my favorite advances. For those of you who like the idea of converting to solar power, but did not want to change the aesthetic of your roof or garden, solar skins can be added to certain solar panels. Solar skins allow custom designs to be integrated into a solar panel to assume any look you want.   The panels can appear to have the texture of your roof, grassy lawn, commercial logos, billboards, or any other design.  Solar skins use railless racking systems, have a lower rise, a smooth finish and the metal components are hidden, for an extremely sleek look.  This option can cost a little more, and may have a little more maintenance to keep up the custom visual, so if you are considering your own solar conversion to save money, you may want to go with classic, low maintenance solar panels and start saving money today.

Story on HOA panel approval with solar skin in

Photovoltaic Solar Noise Barriers (PVNB)

Have you seen walls built along the highways as they approach city residential areas?  Across the US, there are nearly 3,000 miles of those traffic noise barriers.  Highway traffic noise has been a subject for debate for decades.    In 2017, the US Department of Transportation offered a dual resolution.  By using the existing and planned miles of traffic noise barriers to top mount, or to use  other solar panel mounting configurations, the DOT can utilize an efficient method of energy production/noise decibel reduction.

Solar Fabric

Researcher are working to develop solar fabrics so solar power can be generated by your own clothing fibers.  Were talking t-shirts, winter coats or other clothing to keep you warm or power your devices or provide energy for whatever needs while you’re on the go.  Fabrics are also used as awnings, curtains and building facades, all of which could be absorbing sun and generating clean energy for human consumption.

All of that is coming in the near future.  It is exciting stuff.  But today, we have great options already.  We can convert to solar power to run our homes, and never pay another electric bill again.  We have some panel style options, and we can reduce fossil fuel dependency.  Visit today or call (888) 432-9024 for a free consultation on how much you could save if you converted now.