Have Car; Need Insurance

You may not want to buy car insurance, but it’s the law.  So how do you find the best coverage for you?  Come see us at proinsurancefinder.com and let us know what matters to you.

Roadside assistance.  Want someone there to help you, not just in an accident, but for things like engine trouble or running out of fuel?  We can help you find that.

Full glass repair.  Want your insurance to cover that, or would you rather lower your  monthly payments and cover your own windshield replacement out of pocket?

Identity Theft.  If your car is stolen or broken into, how vulnerable are you to identity theft?  If this is something you are concerned about, let us know, we can help.

Rental car reimbursement.  If your car is in for repairs, do you have another car available, or are they always in use at your house?   You have options for insuring your car rental will be reimbursed if your car is out of commission.

Loan/lease gap coverage.  It happens.  A new car is exciting; maybe that’s why people drive off the lot and into a total loss accident.  What will you still owe on your loan or lease?  Are you willing to pay the difference between that and your car’s cash value if you get in an accident?

Personal umbrella.  Can you cover a jury award or settlement if you are sued for property damage, injuries or accident where you are at fault.

Image by Oskars Zvejs from Pixabay

Maybe your concerns are over other issues.  Tell us at proinsurancefinder.com, we can introduce you to an agent who handles that.