How Do I Rehab my Knee When I’m Afraid to Go Outside?

Before COVID-19 was a term, there was a business concerned about individuals who were isolated due to joint injury.  Mark Shuey of Cane Masters Inc. knows what knee, hip or back pain can do to a person’s mobility.  When those who needed a cane to get around were actually targeted by thugs as easy pickings, he was furious.  Grand Master Shuey’s response was twofold.  To address his own pain, Mark Shuey began practicing martial arts combined with yoga.  The stretches offered relief from pain and helped him regain strength and balance.  Then he created a business that provided special canes for self-defense, and he offered to train vulnerable mobility-challenged people on how to use those canes for self-defense and for wellness and rehabilitation. 

Today, Cane Masters still offers an incredible array of beautiful customizable hard wood canes to choose from, while it offers membership to the Mark Shuey virtual dojo that offers training on the American Cane System, as well as the yoga stretches that helped with his own healing. 

The American Cane System was developed by Mark Shuey because he felt there was a place in martial arts for cane centric disciplines.  Within the Mark Shuey American Cane System are several disciplines, the main three of which are Cane Ja, Cane Fu,  and Cane Chi.

Can Ja– The Cane Ja system is for students more interested in learning tactical self-defense combat techniques using the cane, than in earning a higher belt rank. Regardless of the lack of belts in this system, there are 8 distinct levels of skills within this discipline. 

Cane Fu– Cane Fu is a self-defense discipline of martial arts designed to specifically benefit senior citizens OR those with physical limitations.  Modeled around the use of the cane, Cane Fu uses exercises, stretching and self-defense techniques to enhance balance and strength, while teaching how to defend yourself against an attacker.  To be effective at Cane Fu, you do not need to be powerful or fast.  Seniors who have gone through Mark Shuey’s Cane Fu training, report feeling more confident and empowered by this program, even if they never had an opportunity to use it in real life against an attacker.  The peace of mind gained from the training has done a lot to improve their quality of life.  Find out more about Cane Fu Training at

Cane Chi- Healing stretches and strength building moves are classic trademarks of the Cane Chi system.  Developed  as an exercise, fitness and rehabilitation discipline, Cane chi features a series of exercises using a cane with resistance exercise bands as your portable gym, available to assist with rehabilitation of injured or weakened joints.  Cane Masters offers a comprehensive training kit with the Cane Masters cane, exercise bands, a printed manual of instructions and instructional DVD’s.  Spoiler alert, several of these exercises can be performed while you are sitting or even lying down until you build up your strength and stamina.  Cane Chi was developed with the aid of Doctor John Ruberto, Bruce Vinciquerra and Timothy House, specifically to allow you to progress in your wellness and rehabilitation at your own pace, reclaiming your strength and balance as you go.  For more information on this item visit

Cane Masters Virtual Dojo– Mark Shuey now offers subscriptions to his Cane Masters Virtual Dojo so people have access to recorded sessions anytime they want, but the dojo goes live sometimes – regular announcements on the Cane Masters facebook page.  Every discipline of the American cane system can be learned in your own home, and as you gain strength and balance from the training, you can prepare for the day we can leave our houses again with less fear. At this time, Cane Masters is offering a one week guest pass to try the Cane Masters Virtual Dojo out free of charge.