The month of June is not normally regarded as important in terms of accounting deadlines.  But June and July are known in the accounting industry as the Accountant Conference months.   So many industry conferences are held in June and July that there are lists of the top Accounting Conferences so firms can determine which best suit their needs and requirements.  Attending meetings with other accountants can invigorate an accounting professional, but you may be wondering what that has to do with you and your business.

We can all benefit from meeting with other professionals in our field.  Not only do we learn from other’s experiences, but we often gain fresh new insights when meeting with so many other professionals in our field.  If your accountant is attending the conferences coming up in the next few weeks, ask him or her what new ideas or insights, if any, they picked up while at the conference that can be directly applied to the way your business handles its tax planning

Even if the ideas gained by accountants at the conference do not apply to your business directly, you may benefit by the new growth your accounting firm realizes, when it implements the information gained from several days of networking, continued education and sharing of ideas.  Your accountant’s refreshed attitude, organization, and inspired ideas may yield big dividends for your own firm’s development and growth.  So, ask your professional accountant if they attend conferences.  If your accounting firm isn’t getting this kind of rejuvenation annually, maybe its time to talk to us and see how the quiet month of June can make a dynamic difference in the growth and planning of your business.