Machines that Integrate to Get the Job Done

Submitted 2/22/2021
By Jo Gardner for Zagar Inc.

The Internet of things <a href="">Gerd Altmann</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The internet of things is exciting and automating factories is urgent.  But none of the automation and connection get the job done without quality equipment to connect and control.  Zagar supplies the workholding equipment and drilling and tapping machines that integrate to get the job done.

Because Zagar understands the importance of automation and technology, Zagar drill heads, feed units and thrusters are made to integrate.  These dynamos not only integrate with your other equipment, but also with CNC so you control everything start to finish.

Since 1937, Zagar has manufactured quality hydraulic, pneumatic, high-production drilling and tapping machines and related equipment.  Those machines are constantly being streamlined as production needs evolve.  Today, integration of every drillhead, thruster, feed unit and more, with CNC is a given.  If you use subtractive manufacturing to produce product, today is a good time to revisit Zagar Inc. for your Equipment needs.

Gearless Multi Spindle Drill Heads

Zagar Gearless Multi-spindle drill head

Zagar Gearless Multi-spindle drill head

Gearless Multi-spindle heads from Zagar are unmatched by any other on the market. Their engineers can design or modify for any and all holemaking needs.  Get closest possible centers, in any pattern, on any material with strong durable machinery year after year, per your specifications. There are a lot of features to enjoy in this drill head.  These multi spindle gearless drill heads deliver fixed spindle construction for better spindle or drill bushing alignment.  It ensures better tool life and lower maintenance.  The proprietary design reduces backlash to a minimum, which improves tapping while it extends the lifespan.  Spindles in the gearless multi-spindle drill head can be added or relocated, reducing future retooling costs.  Spindle locations are not confined to gear train configurations.  That means you can achieve completely random patterns.  The spindle patters can even be combined to minimize changeover time and  reduce cost.  Zagar gearless drill heads easily perform simultaneous multiple pitch tapping.  And these are just a few of the key features a Zagar gearless multi-spindle drill head offers.

Decades after its inception, Zagar gearless drill head technology is still the best way to drill.  Imagine one drill head that can drill thousands of holes in the pattern of your choice, as close to center as you need, with speed, accuracy and power.  Now understand that this drill head can also be integrated with your feed unit or a Zagar feed unit, making your application more automated.  Add in a CNC control unit, and production booms.

Geared Multi Spindle Drill Heads

Zagar Geared drill heads are made for high speed, large capacity and integration with your system.  These drill heads are designed, engineered and manufactured using traditional gearing for high repeatability and superior performance.  One of the features that make the Zagar geared drill head a great choice is individual spindle speed, simplicity for small number of spindles, high-speed spindles, large hole drilling capacity, and standards that meet or exceed multiple industries like automotive, aerospace, power generation and machine tool OEM.  Drill heads by Zagar are made to work on a vast range of materials, with unstoppable power for high repeatability and high performance.


Choose pneumatic or hydraulic operation powered by a three phase 230/460 V motor in a Zagar thruster.  With both rapid advance and controlled feed, Zagar thrusters offer a solid solution in three basic thrust sizes.  Tapping units boast a lead screw assembly and are powered by a reversing brake motor.  Thrusters from Zagar resolve a wide range of tapping demands, accommodating pitch sizes from 8 to 56 TPI (also available in metric) and motor sizes up to 7.5 HP.

Feed Unit MQ150 SU

Zagar MQ150 SU

Zagar MQ150 SU

I think my favorite of Zagar machines that integrate is the mechanical quill ballscrew feed unit.  This Zagar specialty applies all the latest machine tool technology to your production challenges.  Every ball screw feed until comes standard with pre-engineered modular control systems and control components.  Truly user friendly operating software allows you to EASILY enter the cutting tool parameters, like stroke, feed, speed, drill or rigid tap etc.  Did we mention that they are PLC-compatible for multiple unit auto-cycling and auto-changeover between store tooling subroutines?  Works well with multiple spindle heads and self-clamping fixture assemblies because Zagar is built to integrate.  And Zagar offers retro fit support.

When you look at today’s automation, remember that in order to save machine down time and repair costs, it makes sense to start with quality machines that integrate to get the job done.  It makes sense to start with Zagar or call (216) 731-0500 for information.