Mark Shuey Offers Respite

These are challenging times, and amazing times.  People around the globe have been facing a life threatening virus, and those on the front line of this battle are also facing fear and exhaustion.  If you are not a front line essential worker, there is a new condition called the “stuckhome” syndrome.  Luckily, there are individuals who are shining examples of how to steady your emotional well being as well as your fitness level, avoiding the “stuckhome” feeling of being trapped.  Experts have repeatedly mentioned that our level of fitness affects our immune system’s ability to protect us.  While many illnesses fall outside of our control, there is still room for most of us to improve our strength, balance and fitness.  Not surprisingly, there is also a benefit of being happier when we do work out.

Grand Master Mark Shuey offers fitness guidance for many of us by hosting his Martial Arts Virtual Dojo for anyone who wants to join.   And Cane Masters Inc. is offering a one week FREE guest pass coupon to the Virtual Dojo.  Redeem the coupon at no obligation, and enjoy a week preliminary Virtual Dojo before you subscribe.  Then, for a limited time, period subscriptions to the Virtual Dojo are discounted. It is a great way to get moving, regaining your physical and emotional wellness, while you save a bundle.

In the Grand Master Mark Shuey Virtual Dojo, sessions will cover a wide variety of cane training topics like yoga, Cane Katas, weapons disarm (self-defense move), cane exercises (for rebuilding strength and balance) among other topics.  You don’t have to risk leaving your own property.  As long as you have internet access, you can retrieve the free guest pass coupon and attend the Virtual Dojo.  If you decide to subscribe to the Virtual Dojo membership you will have access to over $1,000 worth of training videos, accessible at any time: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There are weekly live and recorded training sessions from the beautiful headquarters at Lake Tahoe, where Grand master Mark Shuey will host the weekly training sessions.  Regardless of your level, you can learn and advance in Cane fighting, Cane Ja (cane based self-defense or Cane Chi (wellness) training. 

Cane Ja of the Mark Shuey American Cane System teaches hundreds of self-defense cane-centric techniques.  Years ago, Mark Shuey was disturbed when three elderly women, at least one of whom had a cane, were mugged.  Who would hurt elderly disabled people?  It turns out, that disabled mobility challenged people of all ages may be targeted by thugs who want easy access to cash.  Cane Masters and the Mark Shuey American Cane System was born.  It has been decades, and Grand Master Mark Shuey continues to instruct disabled and mobile students alike on street self-defense techniques designed to use the innocent looking cane to disarm threats.

Cane Chi of the Mark Shuey American Cane System still uses the cane. This area of discipline includes the addition of different resistance bands used with the cane in exercises designed to rebuild strength, balance and confidence.  It is a clever method of training that can be invaluable to those trying to rehabilitate injuries while at home in lockdown.  Students start gently training with the lowest resistance bands and work their way up to exercising with the bands that have higher resistance.  Along the way, the Cane Chi training helps the whole body get more fit.

What is really nice, especially now, is that Mark Shuey invites anyone who wants to attend, to “Hang Out with Mark Shuey” Saturday at 10am pacific time on zoom.  Join people all over the world to ask what you always wanted to know about The American Cane System, Cane Masters, or just show off your beautiful hand crafted cane made by Cane Masters International.  Come see the meeting information on