The Impact of Solar PV Energy Installations

Utility Scale Solar PV Energy

Impact of Solar PV Energy Installations There are three main types of solar PV energy use in the US: residential, commercial, and utility scale.  Each of the three types of solar energy generating systems has grown dramatically in the last two decades.  Residential and commercial systems primarily use roof top solar panel installations to generate operating…

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Solar – Renewable and Clean Energy

solar-renewable and clean energy

Comparing Solar to Coal Power Emissions When you compare solar renewable energy systems with coal or gas based electricity production, Solar still comes out the clean energy winner. Like solar power wind turbines emissions are mostly generated during manufacturing. Once the turbine is up and spinning, though turbines generate more carbon emissions than solar energy…

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Net-Zero Emissions Target – How to Meet It

Net-zero emissions target

The pressure to reach net-zero emissions this decade is ratcheting up.  Recently the Department of Energy acknowledged the challenge facing our nation and our planet.  Today, nearly 40% of all carbon dioxide pollution comes from power plants generating power by burning fossil fuels. No wonder the Department of Energy is calling for us to revolutionize…

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It’s Time for Solar Power

Time for Solar Power in Residential and Commercial Properties

Even MN Utilities are Going Green It’s time for solar power in Minnesota. The green power wave is growing, despite Minnesota Power’s MP) unique electricity load different. In 2005, 95 percent of MP’s electricity was generated by coal fired plants. Today, half of the utility’s power comes from clean energy. It’s the breakdown of its…

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Will Oil Prices impact Transition to Solar Energy

transition to solar energy

If you wonder how rising oil prices will impact the world’s transition to solar energy, the events of the last month must have you concerned. By March 8, 2022, Crude Oil hit its highest price since 2009, according to tense news reports. The day Putin invaded Ukraine oil shot past $100 per barrel, and it…

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100 Percent Renewable Energy?


Can The World Run on 100 Percent Renewable Energy? Recently a client asked whether the world could transition out of fossil fuels entirely.  If we did, could we generate enough energy to power the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week?  Is there even enough space for all the wind turbines and solar…

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Now is the Right Time to Convert to Solar Power


We have bragged about how much the price of solar panels and components has dropped in the last fifteen years.  It dropped an astonished 80 percent as manufacturers enjoyed the savings of high volume production.  In the last two years, trade wars, a pandemic and supply chain issues have reversed some of those savings. It…

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Solar Power Renewable Energy Tops List

solar power renewable energy

Oil prices are soaring.  Gasoline at the pump will follow. In fact, gas prices are predicted to soar to over $7 a gallon by mid-summer.  Inflation is running away, but renewable energy has been dropping in price for decades. Ask yourself, “Do I still want to be hostage to out of control rising fossil fuel…

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Does Solar Work in Winter?

does solar work in winter

I am looking out at a gray sky and falling snow on a northern winter afternoon. I reflect on how */#$%^&* cold it is outside and think “There is no way anyone will believe solar can work here and now.”  Yet, solar does work.  Solar energy is a favorite renewable energy power source precisely because…

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