Try a Week of Cane Masters Virtual Dojo for Free!

Today turned out to be a chilly day for walking with a cane.  Instead of going out into the blustery day, I looked up Cane Masters Virtual Dojo online.  Grand Master Mark Shuey taught a Cardio Yoga workout April 8th and 9th…and I missed it.  Did you?  The good news is that for a limited time on Cane Masters  you can download a one week guest pass to more of the Cane Masters virtual Dojo.  You don’t have to leave the safety of your own property to participate in calming, strengthening exercise that brings health and wellness.  There is no obligation, and if you find you like the program, you can purchase a subscription for a month, half year or full year at 15% off.  This offer is for a limited time, so take advantage now.  

Morning Yoga Photo by Martha Jane Cordell from FreeImages