Watch for Fake Charities Donation Drives

We’re in the 4th quarter of 2019.  If that reminds you that you still need to get your donations made, you might want to check the list with the IRS.  This is International Charity Fraud Awareness Week (ICFAW).  Fake charities are one of the IRS’s worst tax scams for 2019.  These fake charities lure victims into making ineligible donations in the belief the donation will be tax deductible.  Watch for charities with names similar to well known organizations, and check the tax exempt organization search on for names of legitimate tax exempt charities.

Donate directly on website or, after looking up the address, by mail.  Many phone solicitations are scams.  Protect yourself by checking a little to know the organization is worth your donation, and that you can enjoy the tax deduction from it.  It can be a win-win for you and the organization in need.

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