Along with the spending moratorium I thought I would use the process to declutter.  While I had done an initial closet cleaning, it was pretty minimal.  I recently read something about a company called Thredup.  It is an online thrift store, that sends a kit to you after you choose whether you want the unlisted clothing back (you pay shipping on those) or whether you want the unlisted items to be donated to those in need.  The Thredup kit includes guidelines of what clothing it will accept, and a large prelabeled bag.

I picked Donate to needy, and at no cost to me, I received a huge Thredup bag that I can fill with name brand clothing, bought in the last five years- no formal wear accepted – but otherwise, pretty lenient.  An online chat explained I can also include out of season items, but clothing must not have been altered. I filled that bag totally.

Being a hoarder as well as a procrastinator by nature, I didn’t ship the bag right away, but waited to see if I would experience remorse at letting go of any of the items.  What surprised me, was how FREE I felt, with room in my closet for the first time in my memory.  Someone once told me that we wear 15% of our clothes 80% of the time.  You may need some of the remaining 85% of your wardrobe, but most of it should go to someone who would wear it more often.  That was good advice.  It feels great to finally clear out the stuff that needed to go! 

Thredup isn’t for everybody.  I like it because it requires nothing on my part except the decision to let those pieces go.  Thredup handles the rest.  There are other sites where you can sell your pieces like Poshmark or eBay.  Have at it and have fun!  I just wanted to let you know about a company that made the process easier for me.  I am a procrastinator and if I hadn’t come across this company, I might never have gotten the nice, but excessive clothing out of my space. 

Thanks for the Spending Moratorium Project. One month to go. Saving some cash and learning new things.