When your doctor tells you that you need to rehabilitate your knee, no matter how painful or uncomfortable it is, you know you need to do the exercises.  But when every trip to the physical therapist puts you at risk of COVID 19, it would sure be nice to limit those office visits, and do more of the exercises at home.

Cane Masters offers more than a crutch, more than a cane.  Cane Masters offers the Exercise, Wellness and rehabilitation system of martial arts, called Cane Chi.  The Cane Chi starter package available on CaneMasters.com includes an instructional video or manual, so the exercises can be performed in the safety of your own home.  Created by Mark Shuey, with the help of Dr. John Ruberto, Bruce Vinciguerra and Timothy House, the Cane Chi exercise program includes gentle but effective stretching, balancing, isometric and resistance band exercises integrating the cane.  The Cane Chi program is specifically designed to improve strength, flexibility and fitness.  Mark Shuey and Cane Masters are constantly amazed by how many of the Cane Chi students come back to let them know their rehabilitation level surpassed their doctor’s expectations.  Note: Please consult your health professional before engaging in any exercise program.  Show them this Cane Chi Technique of the week and if you or your physician have questions, please contact us at  (800) 422-2263.  We are excited to share information on this beneficial program.

While Mark Shuey created the Cane Masters American Cane System as a type of martial arts self-defense system centered around the use of a cane, Cane Chi is specifically designed to exercise the body in a gentle, unique manner that aids in physical therapy, helping you regain your fitness, balance and wellness.  In spite of the depths of benefits that the exercises bring, the discipline of Cane Chi is fairly easy to learn and to practice. 

The fact that the instruction is available on DVD means you can use it and exercise to it at your own schedule or as set by your Medical professional.  The material in the video will show the proper technique of performing each exercise, as well as pointing out through graphic representation, the portion of the body being stressed.  When you look at the exercises, they look simple, but the feedback from medical professionals across the board indicates there is much more going on.  Those gentle stretches of Cane Chi actually helped rebuild strength and balance.   

Gentle stretching assist by Tom

As more mobility is gained, the additional light exercise over just sitting in place may yield even more health benefits than previously thought, according to a new study from the Karolinksa Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden.  The study found that at least 150 minutes of moderate exercises per week still helps reduce cardiovascular disease and wellness of the individual exercising.  Cane chi exercise may be gentle, but it does involve movement, which helps your body and your cardiovascular system according to numerous studies.  And until you can regain enough strength to stand, there are several exercises in the Cane Chi system that may be done while sitting or even lying down.  You really do not have to wait to begin, unless your medical professional prefers that you do wait.