Feed Units – Feeds that Enhance Speeds

When you see the phrase speeds and feeds, it may be referred to as a pair, but it actually refers to two separate measurements in machining: Cutting speed and feed rate.  The combined effect on the cutting process is remarkable.  Cutting speed, or surface speed is the speed difference between the cutting tool and the…

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The Pandemic Impact on Manufacturing in 2021

/> Pandemic Impact on Manufacturing[/caption] Zagar Inc. congratulates many manufacturers for not only surviving the impact of the 2020 pandemic, but for actually thriving in it. There may be reason for optimism in 2021. In a recent predictive article, Forbes states manufacturers and distribution companies noted growth, however modest, during the 2020 pandemic. In the…

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Make Zagar Your New Year’s Resolution

Zagar machines are durable holemaking machines made to integrate.

If your new year’s resolution is to boost your manufacturing plant productivity, make Zagar your new year’s resolution. ZAGAR specializes in hydraulic, pneumatic and high-production drilling and tapping machines and related equipment. Zagar machines are durable hole making machines made to integrate. Gearless Multi-Spindle Drill The Zagar gearless multi-spindle drill is a proprietary design available…

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This Year: Resolve to be Better Informed

maybe 2021 is really the year to be better informed

It’s that time of the year when people reflect on the past year and make resolutions or goals for the coming new year. Many of this new year’s resolutions are about being healthier. 2020 was a rough year for those who contracted COVID-19. It was also tough for those who use a public or membership…

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How NSL Analytical Services Supports Toy Production

CSPC Toy Test Requirements

A Material testing lab such as NSL Analytical Services provides businesses with the data needed to make toy product safety decisions. Testing laboratories like NSL Analytical also offer feedback on issues like product effectiveness and economics. In short, chemical testing labs such as NSL Analytical Services deliver the information that helps businesses deliver better toy…

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ZAGAR Drilling Heads and More

ZAGAR Zagar Inc. takes pride in engineering hole production solutions for a wide span of customer needs.  Whether you are powering up from the COVID19 induced slumber, or reconfiguring to answer COVID19 safety production needs, ZAGAR Inc. delivers the dependable drilling heads, tapping machines, multiple spindle drill heads, collet fixtures and the dedicated machines that…

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