Withholding Estimator Now Saves Headache in New Year

Planning to figure your taxes after the new year?  Why wait?  In the first of a series of tax filing reminders, the IRS urges individual taxpayers to use the Tax Withholding Estimator to find out whether more should be withheld or worse, how much will be due when the tax return is filed.

If you had a life changing event in 2019, such as marriage, divorce, retirement, adopting or having a child, bought a home or started college, it is a good idea to check your tax withholding for the year. 

Begin Gathering documents and organize your tax records.  Save the headache in the new year by organizing now.

If Tax ID numbers are expiring, renew before you file.  If  your ITIN has middle digits of 83,84,85,86,or 87 it will expire at end of 2019.  Get your renewal application form W-7 here and renew before it causes a delay in your refund.

Come see us at PersonalTaxPrep.com to find a tax professional who can help you plan and file your returns, even as life events change your standing.